Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So many things happened in my life im not proud of and some that are just amazingly great. Sometimes i feel as i dont deserve you but my body and heart yearns for you. Many times i plan to push you away but my heart grabs on tighter. It hurts everytime we fight yet i feel like it will sooner or later be that way. Every relationship goes through problems and ours is just the start. We might be alike and yet were so different. You deserve so much better but i cant let you go. You will always be a part of me. I love you.

The Feeling

The feeling is mutual the touch is sweet. The gaze was lovely when our eyes 1st meet. You held my hand with care and love. Made me feel as i was in heaven above. Please tell me now how you truely feel let me know if this is a dream or real. I want to walk the clouds of your heart and discover the truth that wed never part. So show me all the love inside and maybe one day ill be your bride.

So much to say

Theres so much i want to say to you to express how i feel, But no words are strong enough that can make it sound real. I love you by day and love you more night by night. Oh prince charming oh love oh shining armor knight. Come to me like we're destin to be. Free like a bird like we can ever be. Believe me or not my heart bleeds for you. Oh baby i love you oh baby its true. Sometimes i might seem a bit harsh and mean. But baby all i want is our love scene. Our bodies would move our heart would sync. Our love will be tight our drinks will be shared. I want fairytale dreams not nightmares. Be mine run away with me.Forever i love you ill prove and youll see.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Regrets

No Regrets

A million times shall I never forget.
All though words with no regrets.
The touch you give the breath you take.
My entire body shivers my entire heart shakes.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Show Me You Care

I might come off as I don't care sometimes
But thats cause you show you don't care for mine
I miss you daily but you don't seem to care
The moments we share replay in my mind
I blindly reach for those memories indented
Deep in my heart where you had invented
A big warm heart crying out for help
A wound growing wider as I slowly melt
It doesn't hurt to show me you care
Why do you hide my teddy bear.

Love, Love, Love

Love is Forbidden, it makes you confused
Love is Cruel, it makes you feel accused
Love is heartless when it just a one way
Love is evil but you can't stay away

I'm Just Me

I'm not your perfect girl the one you always dreamed of
I'm just an ordinary girl hoping one day for true love
I'm not trying to rush you to seal the deal
I'm just trying to love you with everything I feel
I'm just another girl just another one that you see
I'm nothing special I just want to be me
I'm me and I don't want that to change
Cause I know deep inside I better off this way